Uncharted 3 – Next Update Includes Block Mesh Map

A new post on the Naughty Dog website reveals new details about the upcoming update. Most importantly, we will be getting a new Block Mesh Lab Map, similar to the one released last month.

It’s a smaller map with two main bases, close quarters and some prime sniper towers. So stay alert and get vertical for some quick kills.

The post also mentioned that the special Christmas items that were also available alongside the last Block Mesh map (Present-Head Nathan Drake and the Chris-Balestra-as-an-elf shirt) can now be earned through winning the weekly tournaments. The changes are expected to go live on Wednesday 6:30pm PST, January 9th 2013.

Aside from this, the post also said that they were changing the DLC Switch priority so that customers who have purchased the Drake’s Deception Map Pack DLC are higher priority and hinted at some major Uncharted 3 news coming in a few weeks.