Marvel Heroes Announce Founders Program

Looking ahead to the launch of the free to play action RPG, the developers announce a new program to help get hype going for the game.

Marvel Heroes is the new game coming from Gazillion Entertainment and the new Founders Program they’ve announced is a nice little boost for people who think that the free-to-play title is worth spending a little cash on. The Founders Program is comprised of limited edition packs which provide you a number of exclusive things in-game such as costumes, early access and XP boosts.

There’s three levels, each getting progressively more expensive.

The Starter Pack is the cheapest at $19.99 and gives you a hero of your choice along with two costumes as well as extra in-game currency and boosts. You get to access the game two days early with this level.

The more expensive Premium Pack is a tad more expensive at $59.99 but gives you four heroes and eight costumes. There’s even more bonus currency and boosts here and you get to play the game four days ahead of release.

The final and most expensive pack is the Ultimate Pack. This pack is quite pricey at a whopping $199.99 but gives you access to every hero and every costume in-game. Alongside that you get some exclusive enhanced costumes and additional costumes that you can’t find anywhere else. Most importantly though is the limited XP/Item boosts from the other packs are applied permanently to you if you have the Ultimate Pack.