Google Withdraws Patent Infringement Claims Against Microsoft

Google has recently requested that its two patent dispute claims be revoked from the US International Trade Commission.

According to the patent, Microsoft was using a video compression technology and wireless networking innovations owned by Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary Google company.

Google was arguing in court that Microsoft should pay them up to 4 billion dollars a year for the use of technology. However, Microsoft countered these demands by saying that it was only worth 1 million dollars a year, due to the fact that the innovations have been recognized as critical to industry standards and should therefore be licensed on fair and non-discriminatory terms.

As a result, Motorola filed lawsuits in the US and Europe, in an attempt to block several products from sale, like the Xbox 360 and Windows 7. A German court originally had granted this injunction against several Microsoft products, but was ultimately superseded by a US court’s ruling, rejecting the ban.

Avoiding public humility, Google has withdrawn their international lawsuit, and will come to terms with Microsoft in a US court, over how much money they should receive annually for their software.