Top Ranked Black Ops 2 Player Forced To Reset Stats By Jealous Community

On a lighter side of the news, one of the highest scoring players in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has decided to reset his stats in order to escape profanity thrown at him by other players.

Black Ops 2 player ‘Retrominano’ would forever find someone flinging mud at him whenever he would join a server. The verbal abuse would usually be aimed at him either using unfair means to increase his score or calling him a no-lifer for playing the game so much. Yeah, welcome to the Internet.

However, the issue didn’t just end there. Recently he has been unable to log in to his Xbox account following a series of DDos attacks from other jealous members of the Black Ops 2 community.

The once ranked number one in the Black Ops 2 player ladder on the Xbox 360 has now reset his rank.

Microsoft’s advice on DDOS attacks reads: “We recommend that you reset your Internet router and contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If you know who initiated the DoS or DDoS attack, you may also want to submit a player review to Xbox Live and avoid the attacker in the future”. Maybe they should add a ‘We recommend you reset your stats’ as well.