The Elder Scrolls Online – ‘Ask Us Anything’ Q/A With the Developer

Bethesda as part of the development of the Elder Scrolls Online has started its bi-weekly “Ask Us Anything” round of question and answers. Yesterday’s series of Questions were all about the Daggerfall Covenant.

The Daggerfall Covenant is between the Bretons, Redguards and Orcs, represented by the lion crest. The Orcs have joined the Bretons and Redguards because they want to progress as a society, it is “an alliance of convenience”.

The developers along with answering question about the lore also revealed and detailed the new regions that will be seen in the game, the significant work that is done in the Alik’r Desert, the details behind a plague of werewolves that will play an important role and how the different races unite to overcome their religious and cultural differences.

Read the full series of questions and answers for yourself here.