Pokemon Announcement Coming Tomorrow During Nintendo Direct

The long teased ‘big announcement’ for the popular Pokemon franchise is being unveiled tomorrow.

A Nintendo Direct presentation is being hosted tomorrow at 6AM ET which is going to be the stage for this mysterious new announcement.

Fans have been speculating that it’s one of many possible things, including a Sixth Generation announcement or a remake of the Third Generation games: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Whilst Nintendo still haven’t given us any hints on what it is going to be, there seems to be strong support for the third generation remake as it’s unlikely that a Sixth Generation announcement would come this soon after the release of Black 2/White 2.

A tweet from the official Nintendo Japan Twitter account reports that the presentation will only last 10 minutes, making it relatively short in comparison to the recent Nintendo Directs. Whatever is coming tomorrow is sure to be quite short and straight to the point by the sounds of things.