PlayStation 2 Ceases Manufacture Worldwide

An unrivaled era has finally come to an end with Sony ceasing global manufacture of the PlayStation 2 worldwide. The news comes a week later following Famitsu’s reports that Japan would no longer be supplied with PlayStation 2 consoles.

Sony’s PlayStation 2 console is without a doubt hailed as the best consoles of all time. The popularity and success was largely due to a ton of memorable titles that with time would pave the way to the next generation and have others follow its lead.

The PlayStation 2 has sold over 150 million units worldwide and has a library of games well over 10,000. Accurate statistics aren’t available, but the PS2 managed to beat rivals like the DS by a huge margin.

Current speculations speak of Nintendo’s Wii to perhaps dethrone the PS2 in sales. However, with their new console already in the market Nintendo would most probably have their focus on that instead.

Those who are interested of getting one for old times sakes or ones who want to replace their current PS2 should hurry up while the current stock lasts.

Sony is now expected to reveal their next-generation console this year, which is codenamed Orbis or as the web calls it, the PS4.