Ninja Theory Warns Everyone Of Being Misled By Fake DmC Reviews

Seems like some parties out there are posting reviews for the DmC reboot but they are doing so without playing the game.

Ninja Theory took to their Twitter account today to warn everyone of being misled by the mentioned fake reviewers. The developer also added that they were happy to see all ‘genuine’ reviews to be good so far.

Ninja Theory’s representative later clarified on Twitter as what genuine reviews actually meant.

Genuine review = one where the reviewer has actually played the game. Sometimes people make up reviews without actually playing the game.

The Devil May Cry reboot has come under heavy fire ever since it was announced last year. Almost every veteran fan of the series has shown scorn over the new changes in the game, majorly the new look of Dante.

This resulted in Ninja Theory being bombed by hate-mail last year, some of which even contained death threats. Looks like posting fake reviews was the last weapon in hand for the specific circle.

The game releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 next week.