CES 2013: Nvidia Announces ‘Shield’, a New Gaming Handheld

Yesterday Nvidia made a surprise announcement at CES 2013 of a new gaming handheld device code-named, the Shield. It is based on the new Tegra 4 mobile chips, that were also announced the same day as well.

The device is a cross between a DS and a Xbox controller, and according to Nvidia runs purely on Android. The shield has the means to stream your PC games on its own 720p touch screen display. In addition, it will also run your Android games and alongside give consumers the option to play on their TV via the device as well.

The battery life has been said to be between 5-10 hours. Other than that the device boasts a MicroSD slot, micro USB and HDMI output.

The expected price and a date on availability was not revealed by the firm.