Jen Jensen Talks Moebius and Writing in Videogames

Jane Jensen’s Moebius, a supernatural PC thriller, was funded through Kickstarter in May, and now Phoenix Online CEO Cesar Bittar and Jensen sat down in an interview with VG247 to discuss the game’s progress.

Moebius is going very well,” said Jensen. “We started production in September with Phoenix Online as developers and have already seen a lot of progress. The art style is really fresh, I think, and the story turned out great. It has similarities to Gabriel Knight the same way that Gray Matter had – it’s the same genre – a mystery thriller with some paranormal elements. But that’s about the extent of it.”

Bittar responds: “From a different perspective than Jane’s, I’ve read the story, and I can say that the enigma of the game is something that feels extremely fresh and exciting. Gabriel Knight fans are definitely going to love every minute of it.

When asked about the spike in quality story writing for video games, Jensen replied:

This had been a ‘thing’ since I started in games 20 years ago. Every few years people get excited about writing and story ‘possibly becoming important’ in gaming. Honestly, there have been some great writers in gaming for a long time, since the Infocom days, and there are still really innovative things going on such as The Walking Dead or Heavy Rain. So I don’t see it so much as a new thing. I don’t think the industry as a whole is changing, no. Most game companies really undervalue the story aspects of a game. I just continue to do my thing.

Moebius centers around a antiques dealer hired by a billionaire to investigate the death of a young girl. The game reached its Kickstarter goal of $300,000, and added on another $135,316 since passing its goal.

Source: VG247