Sony Planning To Compete With Cable

According to Hollywood news site Variety, Sony is working on a multi-channel TV service with which they hope to rival cable.

Apparently, the Japanese mega corporation is currently in “active negotiations” with at least two “major content companies” to license their programming for a service that would launch in the United States as early as late 2013.

While details are scarce, we do know that the main selling point of the new service is that such programming would be delivered through a broadband connection, therefore, allowing access to subscribers across the country.

It would probably work with Sony’s line up of connected devices, such as the PlayStation 3, Bravia TV sets, Blu-ray players, and first-party tablets, etc.

Microsoft was said to be working on something similar back in 2010, a supposed ‘Virtual Cable Operator’ for the Xbox 360, though all that became of it was that the company teamed up with Comcast to offer streaming through Xbox Live.

Source: Variety