Square Enix’s Luminous Engine Will Not Be Licensed To Others

A while back, Square Enix let us have a look at two demos of real time editing of game models using their new Luminous Engine (as well as the Tech Demo from last year’s E3) and it looked impressively mouth-watering.

Well, it appears that that the company is planning on keeping the engine all to themselves, with no plans to license it out to third-parties. Speaking in an interview with Shacknews, Square Enix CEO Mike Fischer had this to say:

This is an in-house tool. We’re not building this around a licensing model, […] It’s my hope that this makes teams and creative people around the world excited to work for us because they’ll get their hands on some of the best technology in the industry.

When asked whether there were any plans to use this engine and it’s impressive graphical power for anything other than videogames, Fischer said that there weren’t any plans in the works that he was aware of, but that wasn’t necessarily a denial:

Our focus right now is on games. Can it do more? It can definitely do more. But our focus is on games, […]there’s no Final Fantasy movie in the works that I’m aware of, but the key thing is we’re very much a creator-driven company. We want to have the technology to help these creators turn their vision into a reality. And that’s why we made this investment.