Rumor: Sony To Announce Their Broadband TV Service At CES 2013

According to a new report Sony is planning to announce its very own broadband TV service at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The said service is said to be integrated into Sony’s hardware which includes PS3, their tablets and Bravia televisions. The option of the firm launching it with a separate dedicated box is also in the open.

Details are sketchy but the service will most probably be not region locked. This will ensure region-specific channels to be available worldwide. Currently Sony is said to be negotiating with two major service providers about licensing their channels for a package that could be officially released later this year in the US.

Such a service is going to cost Sony in the billions and in regions where there is no dedicated fibre optic lines, Sony will have to spend even more to get a platform ready.

The firms financials last year were pretty grim, considering their expectations of the VITA. Sony will have to take careful steps if they do so go with this new service.