Mad Catz To Launch Controllers For Mobile Gaming

One of the many gripes people have with mobile gaming as compared to ‘teh hardcorez’ is the lack of a controller.

It’s a case of trying to look left and right at the same time to deal with this problem, as if you’re carrying a controller, mobile gaming loses its portability (thus not being very mobile). Another problem is the lack of standardization. No controller works on all devices and operating systems.

Well, it seems that peripheral maker Mad Catz is releasing their own line of controllers to try and be that company that solves these problems. The line is called GameSmart and consists of mobile gaming accessories for smart phones, tablets and other smart devices. The peripherals are “designed to work seamlessly and wirelessly with a wide array of devices and platforms,” and connect to existing devices via Bluetooth.

It’s not just controllers however, as they will also be releasing gaming mice, gaming keyboards, headsets and other specialty knick-knacks. The devices will be shown at CES next week and the products are expected to go on sale shortly after.

Source: Mad Catz