Humble Indie Bundle 7 Closes With Over $2.6 Million

The “pay what you like” indie game bundles continue to raise money for charity like never before.

The charity collective behind the Humble Indie Bundle have brought their latest bundle to a close and have announced that the Humble Bundle 7 raked in an impressive $2.6 million with over 395,000 bundles sold. Whilst this seventh bundle didn’t break any particular records, it’s still an impressive amount of money being split between the developers and Child’s Play Charity.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Humble Indie Bundle then it’s an interesting concept. Each bundle consists of a few fun indie games and you can pay whatever you want for the bundle, be it a penny or a thousand dollars. If the price you pay is higher than the average price paid by everyone else then you’re rewarded with additional games and soundtracks.

According to the sales data for this bundle: Linux users were paying the most with an average donation at $10.48, mac users coming in second with $7.94 and Windows bringing up the rear with $6.23. The average donation per person overall was $6.69.

Humble Bundle 7 consisted of some choice indie games and Indie Game: The Movie. The under-average bundle contained the likes of The Binding of Isaac plus the Wrath of the Lamb DLC pack, as well as Snapshot, Closure and Shank 2.

Users who beat out the average donation were also treated to Offspring Fling, The Basement Collection, Cave Story+, The Legend of Grimrock and Dungeon Defenders + assorted DLC as well as the fantastic soundtracks for all the included games.