New Xbox Live Tool To Make Region Switching Lot Easier

Microsoft is testing a new tool which is going to make lives of gamers who wish to switch regions on Xbox Live very easy. The proposed new method will enable you to jump regions in just a few clicks.

Previously the method was tedious and involved many hours with Microsoft’s support and length waits.

The new method, which is currently in beta will allow every account on Xbox Live to change their region ‘once’ every three months. Once an account has been shifted to another region, all related achievements, gamer tag, Microsoft Points and subscriptions will follow as well.

However, there will be some region-locked items which will not be transferred. These include services that may not be available in another region. For example your Sky TV services and Xbox Music passes.

As of yet Microsoft has not officially confirmed the feature but I reckon it will be so in the coming days.

[via NeoWin]