Crimson Dragon Demo Leaked on XBL, Gets Recorded

The upcoming Kinect game ‘Crimson Dragon’ which is a spiritual successor to the game ‘Panzer Dragoon’ had it’s demo leaked to the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. It was taken down almost immediately, but as this is the internet nothing ever really gets ‘taken down’ for good.

Youtube user Draikin1 was quick and cunning enough to download, play and record the entire demo, then upload it into the video sharing service before anyone knew what had happened. You can see all the footage here:

The actual demo itself isn’t new, as it’s been seen before, but those were all just people recording it being played on shaky mobile phone cameras so this footage is pretty legit. Panzer Dragoon was a good game, and a lot of the staff that worked on that game are working on this, but I just hope the Kinect factor doesn’t bungle it up.