Temple Run Downloaded 2.5 Million Times on Christmas Day

2.5 million on the 25th, how convenient.

Yes, the hit mobile game by Imangi Studios has managed to get a staggering 2.5 million downloads in just a single day, an impressive feat for any game. Keith Shepherd, founder of Imangi Studios, tweeted the news that this past Christmas day there were more than 2.5 million downloads of their hit game, Temple Run. It’s equally popular on Android and Apple devices apparently with a million downloads apiece for each side and another 500,000 on the Amazon Appstore.

Temple Run had over a million downloads on iOS, over a million on Android, and over 500k on Amazon on Christmas day. Crazy!” tweeted Shepherd.

This seems to be another impressive feat for the mobile game. Temple Run surpassed the 100 million total downloads across all platform around the beginning of August 2012. Now with this news, what’s next for Temple Run and Imangi Studios? Perhaps a loftier goal is on the horizon for them.