Rumour: Black Ops 2 Prestige Goes Up to 12

A new exploit in Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 reveals that the Master Prestige level might not be the end of prestige in-game after all.

Some new developments in the multiplayer world of Black Ops 2 have revealed that some players are running around with a mysterious Prestige emblem and rank indicating that they have somehow broken their way into a Prestige 12 level. It’s a bit odd, considering that Prestige Master is the eleventh level of Prestige and was supposedly the end of it as well.

How has this come about? Well some scrupulous people have been hacking in order go get Prestige that they didn’t deserve and have somehow broken the level barrier in the process. The source of this news managed to get a picture of one of the offender’s profile pages.

Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack

So it appears that there is more Prestige planned past the Prestige Master limit that’s currently set in-game. How one goes about getting there is unknown to us at this time.

If this is indeed a legitimate picture and not some bad Photoshop, then how has it come about? Perhaps there was always the intention for more Prestige levels but they were removed last minute. Perhaps it’s a glitch that presents levels that shouldn’t be there.

Most likely it’s part of the upcoming Revolution map pack for Black Ops 2 and Treyarch have been planning to include extra Prestige levels. It’s not uncommon for developers to hide small bits of future updates in patches and bugfixes in order to prepare the software for a large update and perhaps the hackers stumbled upon this.