Journey’s Collector’s Edition Mini-Games Coming To EU PSN

Journey has received a lot of critical acclaim ever since its release. In fact, it has been lauded with GOTY awards from many reputable gaming media outlets. So it was a shame that the Collector’s Edition of Journey was not available to EU PSN gamers.

However, it looks like that Sony has decided to bring the Collector’s Edition of Journey to European gamers now after all. This bit of news was confirmed by the fact that PEGI rating has cropped up for two of the three mini-games available in Journey’s Collector’s Edition.

These mini-games are: Grave Diggers and Duke War.

The full contents of Journey’s Collector’s Edition available right now in America are: Journey, Flow, Flower plus three mini-games; Grave Diggers, Duke War and Nostril Shot.

No word yet on the release date or the pricing of this Collector’s Edition of Journey.