Alan Wake Developer Teases New Announcement

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind Alan Wake, tease us with the prospect of some big news coming in 2013.

As part of this year’s Winter Steam Sale, Alan Wake went on sale and Remedy Entertainment saw fit to tout this on their Facebook page. However the post also hints at a bigger announcement to come with no hint as to what that could possibly be since.

The post simply reads “Even greater Remedy news to come in 2013,” but has left us questioning what could be coming since. Whether it’s related to the Alan Wake franchise or not remains to be seen.

Interestingly, Remedy are currently hiring for full-time positions to work on two unannounced projects which we do know a little about. One of them is an iOS project whilst the other is a AAA title for “future generation consoles” as according to the same hiring page.

Whilst we still haven’t received any word from Remedy Entertainment yet regarding this news, you can be sure we’ll continue to update you as the story unfolds.