SegmentNext Wishes You a Happy 2013

The new year has officially rolled in after an amazing year made possible by you, our readers.

So, we’re here at last in 2013. I’m sure many of our readers are nursing hangovers (I know I am) or are taking a break from an all night gaming session in honour of the New Year, so I’ll try not to make things too complicated.

2012 has been a huge year for us here at SegmentNext and we couldn’t have made any of it possible without you, our readers. We all want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your loyalty and support and because of this we plan to make 2013 even better for you!

Throughout 2012 we’ve seen some big changes here, behind the scenes. For example, did you know that SegmentNext officially moved into its new office this past year?  We went from a small independent website operated by two friends out of their homes to a full-fledged professional organisation!

Not only that, but we brought on eight new writers (Including myself) to really flesh out our team and get content to you 24/7. So whilst we’re thanking people, perhaps you’d like to say a quick hi to our new writers: Johnny Kilhefner, Will Benson, Pedro, Abshar Saleem, Saqib Mansoor, Sarmad Tariq, Salman Hameed, Liam Stanway and Faisal Shahzad.

How is all this possible? Well, an astonishing eighteen million of you visited our site this year, racking up more than twenty-eight million pageview between all of you. That’s more zeroes than I can count. The sheer amount of support that you’ve shown us in 2012 has all of us flabbergasted and we plan to make 2013 the best year we possibly can in order to show our thanks. But just how do we plan to do that?

To start things off, we’re looking to re-launch the website with a new design. It’s been in the works for a while now and there’s been a lot of bumps in the road, but every day were getting closer to bringing the new site online.

Secondly, we’re going into video production. We aim to bring you all new gameplay videos and trailers as well as some unique little things that we’ve got to keep under wraps for now. All I can say is that you’d best watch this space because big things are coming.

To go with our focus on video production; we’re bringing back our official podcast! And this time it’s going to be better than ever.

As you can see, we want to bring more content than ever before to you so that you can enjoy our website as much as we’ve enjoyed writing for you this past year.

If there’s anything you want to see us write about, talk about, make a video about or anything at all then we urge you to get in touch with us either here on the website in the comments section or even on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

We want to bring you the best experience possible and we welcome any and all feedback.

Overall we just want to say Thank You to each and every one of you that made this possible. Thanks to you wonderful, amazing people we’ve gone from such a small operation to one of the largest independent gaming websites out there.

We hope 2013 is as good for you as you made 2012 for us. We’ve got tons of new content coming so keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got a feeling that 2013 is going to be awesome.