Hackers Take Aim at Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity

Do you want to know what’s inside Peter Molyneux’s cube? Hackers do. And while millions of players have been legitimately hacking away at the cube, painstakingly removing layer after layer, some hackers figured they could just waltz right in to the center of Curiosity’s core.

The man known for thinking (perhaps too much), however, already thought of a solution to protect the mystery from hackers: he didn’t put the mystery on the device.

“Thank God we didn’t do this, but we couldn’t make them put the center of what’s in the cube in the device, on the client, because hackers would have easily been able to hack that… The cube has been attacked by a a lot of hackers over the past few weeks and we’ve defended against that. The golden rule is: If you put something you want to protect on the device then it is going to get hacked.”

At the center of Peter Molyneux and his 22Cans team’s Curiosity is what Molyneux describes as “life changing.”

“Don’t think the prize is just a video of me saying, ‘You’ve won, chaps!’ in a British voice with a big thumbs-up,” said Molyneux. “It’s definitely a lot more meaningful than that. It’s amazing and it’s life-changing and I’m happy to be judged on its worth and its value.”

Via Gameranx