Earth Defense Force 2025 – Second Promo Video Released

A few weeks ago we reported that Earth Defense Force 4 would be coming to North America under the name of Earth Defense Force 2025. Well it seems that developer D3 has just released a new promo video for the game with some cool things to show.

It’s a pretty lengthy video and if you don’t want to sit through it, here are the important aspects of the footage; it highlights the new Air Raider unit, which can use remote controls to hit the enemy hard with attacks like air strikes. Many giant alien bugs, giant alien robots and giant alien ships get blown up, we see a device that seems to act as a shield generator. Along with that we have a slew of vehicles to choose from. The player can apparently commandeer tanks, bikes, some sort of armored transport, helicopters, and a giant mech.

That’s right, a giant mech. You’re probably scrolling back up to watch the video now aren’t you?