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Zynga Games No Longer Exclusive For Facebook

Zynga and Facebook both filed a Form 8-K to drastically change the terms of their interaction. From now on, both companies will be free to work with whomever they wish, as they will now both be independent of each other. As a result, Zynga will no longer require players to use their facebook accounts to play on the platform.

The new terms, which will be effective as of March 31, 2012, stipulate that:

“Zynga will no longer be separately obligated to display Facebook ad units or implement Facebook Credits on any such Zynga game pages, however any games and services that Zynga has on the Facebook platform will be bound by Facebook standard term of service

Zynga is no longer required — subject to certain exceptions — to use Facebook as the exclusive social platform for Zynga properties or grant Facebook title exclusivities”

It is important to note that any game that Zynga develops or acquires will also be featured on Facebook.