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Xbox 720 To Be Released During Holiday 2013 – Bloomberg

More rumors are piling up for Microsoft next-generation console, currently tagged as Xbox 720. Bloomberg reports that according to their sources Microsoft is definitely planning on releasing their new console during the holiday season next year. This step would for sure guarantee good sales by capitalizing on Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.

Another source of Bloomberg states that the firm is still deciding on whether to unveil their new console during E3 2013 (in June) or hold a separate event entirely.

Previous rumors have also slated the Xbox 720 for a release in September 2013. Xbox World ran an entire issue on the thing, speculating that the new hardware will simply be called Xbox and will feature Kinect 2.0, an innovative controller, a TV Input/Output, directional audio and the use of Blu-ray discs.

Durango, the codename for the developer kits have been reported to boast a CPU with four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores and an impressive 8GB of RAM.