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Far Cry 3 Weapons and Attachments Guide

Far Cry 3 has a huge array of weapons. In fact, there are thirty-nine different kinds of weapons in Far Cry 3. You may think this is an ample amount of weaponry for you but you and your friends will need every one of these weapons, down to their last bullets, to escape the lunatic inhabited island.

Weapons in Far Cry 3 are of various shapes and sizes. Each one of these weapons have their own pros and cons. If you are looking to effectively use these weapons, continue reading.

You will need all the help to survive this God Forsaken island, and we are here to provide it. Let’s get down to business:

  • Melee
  • Assault Rifles
  • Sub-machine Guns
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Mounted Guns
  • Explosives
  • Other

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Far Cry 3 Weapons – Melee

Combat Knife
You can perform stealth take downs with this knife. It is excellent for slitting enemy throats silently.


Japanese Tanto
It can be unlocked once you have found six letters of the ‘Lost.’ Once unlocked, you automatically own this weapon. It does more damage than the Machete.

Far Cry 3 Weapons – Assault Rifles

Like on any battlefield in the world, AK 47 is a beast in Far Cry 3. This rifle is suited to battle enemies at both close and long-range. Furthermore, it can fire bullets fast. This allows Ak-47 to ‘spray bullets.’ This can get you out of tight and desperate scraps. It can carry thirty bullets in its magazine and has two attachments slots.The attachments available for this gun are: Extended Mag, Marksman Sight, Optical Sight, Red Dot Sight and Reflex Sight.

STG 90
This is a Swiss assault rifle. What sets it apart is the greater than the average rate of fire. Furthermore, it is more accurate. However, its damage is just like any other assault rifle.

This is a bull-pup assault rifle set to make its debut in Far Cry 3. It shoots in a burst of three rounds. It has a tad more accuracy. It is a perfect choice for those who prefer a high rate of fire over raw power of the weapon. It has a magazine size of twenty five rounds. It also has two attachment slots for the Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag.

This is an automatic rifle available for use in Far Cry 3. It is perfect for mid to long-range battles as it has a high accuracy and above-average damage. It has a magazine size of twenty rounds. It has two slots for these attachments: Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag.

This rifle comes with a short barrel. It is deadly for short-range but not so effective otherwise. Furthermore, since it has low recoil it is more stable and accurate. It also comes with a camouflage for your stealthy exploits.


Far Cry 3 Weapons – Sub-machine Guns

It is a submachine gun with little to no recoil. It is best used for spraying bullets. It can be outfitted with a suppressor to silence it. IT fire bullets at a very fast pace and you can shoot it while you are on a zip line.

In the sub-machine gun department, it is the jack of all trades. It does everything amicably but there is nothing special about it. It has max ammo hold of 128 rounds.

MP5 is one of the hall marks of the far Cry series. It has a slower fire rate and a smaller magazine size. Rather than spraying bullets with it, it is best utilized to take a few headshots with before alerting the rest of the foes.

Vector .45 ACP


Far Cry 3 Weapons – Handguns

M1911 will make its debut in Far Cry 3. You can attach a suppressor to this weapon to avoid enemy detection. It is highly effective for short-range battles. It has a magazine size of forty-eight rounds. You can do a paint job on it but nothing else to modify it.

6P9 is a great gun for an assassin. It can be equipped with a suppressor and offers a great deal of accuracy at close-range. Furthermore, it can be used on a zipline.

It is a powerful semi-automatic pistol. In close-quarter combats, this handgun is the boss! Due to the high recoil and slow firing speed, it is be tougher to operate. However, it also offers devastating raw power.

.44 Magnum

Far Cry 3 Weapons – Shotguns

It is set to make its debut in Far Cry 3. 1887 is hellishly destructive when it comes to close quarter combat. Furthermore, due to its long barrel, it is very handy at a long-range. It comes with two attachment slots.

It is a pump action shot gun. Its pellets go out in a wider pattern. However, it does not offer much range. The best use for this gun is to take out enemies in small cramped rooms and such places.

It’s a pump-action shotgun and is set to make its return in Far Cry 3. What sets it apart from other shotguns is its huge magazine size of twelve shells. Keep in mind that is less damaging than other shotguns.

Far Cry Weapons – Sniper Rifles

It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It may not be as accurate or powerful as other snipers but it comes with a larger magazine size and high rate of fire.

M-700 is set to make its debut in Far Cry 3. It may have a slower fire rate but the extra ordinary accuracy and range more than make up for that back draw. This gun has a magazine size of five rounds.


Far Cry 3 Weapons – Light Machine Guns

PKM is set to make its return. You must use this weapon in medium ranged battles. It has a gigantic magazine size of a hundred rounds. Instead of spraying bullets, it is best to fire bullets in bursts. As it has a high recoil, it offers low accuracy.



Ultimax 100 Mark 3
It comes with two types of magazines. It can be outfitted with a 30 round M16 magazine or 100 rounds with a drum magazine.

Far Cry 3 Weapons – Mounted Guns

DSHK Heavy Machine Gun
These mounted machine guns can be found at various locations on the island. They inflict a lot of damage and can be used to take down multiple enemies at once.

Far Cry 3 Weapons – Explosives

These are best used when chucked into a group of enemies for maximum effect. Furthermore, they can be utilized to take out vehicles.

Use the Molotov when you need to inflict damage on your foe over a stretch of time. This explosive, when thrown in between your foes causes them to burn thus dealing them damage over time.

A landmine is an explosive which detonates when someone steps on it. You can use the Mine to set up clever ambushes for your enemies. Lay your mines in an area of heavy enemy foot traffic.

This is an explosive which can be placed anywhere and detonated by a remote device. You can use the C4 to set up clever ambushes for your enemies.

Works almost like the Mines. However, it doesn’t require an enemy to step over it. They just need to be in the nearby area to trigger it.

Far Cry 3 Weapons – Other

Flame Thrower
Use this to burn foes to death.

Bow And Arrow
Use it to take out enemies silently at mid to long-range. Later on, you can equip exploding arrows. However, they take out the stealth element of the weapon.

It’s a grenade launcher. You can launch grenades at a quicker pace with this weapon.

RPG-7 launches rockets. Although it is very destructive, it is best suited to taking out enemy’s vehicles with one of its shots. Remember to use it for targets at medium to a long-range.