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0x10c: Perrson Thinking Of Monthly Subscriptions To Keep It Off Kickstarter

Creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson has been steadily working on a new projected called 0x10c. Hopefully this is just a placeholder and the final game will have a more… profound name.

Persson has said that the game may not be free-to-play and might include a monthly subscription to cover server cost:

It’ll probably be monthly subscription because of the cost of running all the CPUs on the server. The idea is that one subscription gives you one generator. If a CPU in the game costs us this much money to emulate then it has to consume an equal proportion of the wattage from the generator. So several people could play on one ship with one generator if they wanted. I think that’d be the most fun, but I know a lot of people just want to pilot their own ship.

One of the main reasons Persson wants to add a subscription fee is to keep the game off Kickstarter. The developer strongly believes that the page is best for new and upcoming developers. An established developer such as him should not take up space there.