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Wii U Seemingly Exposed: Hacker Publishes CPU & GPU Specs

A well-respected hacker (at least in his own community), has allegedly gone deep into Nintendo’s new console and stripped it bare, revealing specifications of the processor and graphics card.

According to his claims, the Wii U processor has a clock speed of 1.24 GHz, which is less than half of what the PS3 and Xbox 360 boast. The graphics card seems to run at 550 MHz, which in turn is just a few notches more than the Xbox 360 and is the same as the PS3.

Nintendo has kept information about their hardware limited to the public. Recent games that were released had many tag the Wii U as “slow”. That circle even included some developers.

The hacker in question is by the name of Marcan who published the specifications on his personal twitter account. His name has been in the news for probing into the Wii’s hardware as well.

Marcan went on to say that he is in the process of hacking the Wii U and if done will release the necessary information.

Gustav Halling, lead designer on Battlefield 3: Armored Kill displayed concerns for the Wii U on his twitter account, saying that the next generation consoles might beat the Wii U to a pulp.

This is also what I been hearing within the industry, too bad since it will shorten its life a lot when new gen starts.

GPU and RAM is nice to have shaders/textures loaded. Physics and gameplay run on CPU mostly so player count is affected etc.

I don’t actually know what makes it slow, but enough ‘tech’ people I trust in world are saying the same things.