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Rage: The Scorchers DLC Leaked Through Trophy Listing

A trophy list posted by PS3Trophies confirms the previously rumored Rage expansion ‘The Scorchers’.

Skimming through the different trophies we come to know about the new campaign’s locations which includes Hagar Caves, Wellspring Tunnels, Refinery, Bash Canyon and Scorcher Base.

Additionally there is mention of a number of mini-games, two of which are called Video Poker and Roly-Poly.

Publisher Bethesda has yet to officially give the green light on Scorcher’s existence, even though a PEGI rating of the DLC was spotted in June this year.

Rage was released last year and had decent reviews. The game had severe graphical concerns at its launch. This went in contrast to how ID hyped the game as to being one of the prettiest one ever developed. A patch released later seemingly fixed most of the issues but the damage was already done.

Look forward to Bethesda announcing the DLC in the coming weeks.