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Nintendo President Publicly Apologizes for Wii U Updates

Almost a 100 million Wii U consoles have been sold so far, and just about all of us got a nasty surprise when we got home and plugged in the console. Apparently the OS and firmware are bugged and need updating. A lot of updating. Want to use a particular service? Gotta update first. Want to play a game? Gotta download the updates for it first.

It was a pretty big nuisance (I know many people who don’t play with an internet connection). And it seems that Nintendo’s head honcho – Satoru Iwata – is well aware of it and is still very sorry about the whole thing.

“Personally I think that users should be able to use all the functions of a console video game machine as soon as they open the box. So I feel very sorry for the fact that purchasers of Wii U have to experience a network update which takes such a long time, and that there are the services which were not available at the hardware’s launch.”

While it was annoying, here’s hoping that the worst is over and I’m sure many people appreciate the gesture on Iwata’s part.

Source: IGN