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Microsoft Renames Vancouver Studio To ‘Black Tusk’ – Allegedly Working On New Space Shooter For Xbox 360

Microsoft Game Studios in Vancouver, Canada has been renamed by Microsoft to Black Tusk Studios and are reported to be working on a new shooter for Microsoft that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

A welcome message displayed on their recently launched website reads:

Black Tusk Studios is dedicated to creating immersive, AAA games that push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms. Located in downtown Vancouver, Canada, we are part of the Microsoft Studios family, and we are growing.

It’s a mystery as to what exactly the new IP is. Superannuation though thinks it’s a new space shooter.

Apparently it is some big new IP space shooter thing on the scale of a Gears or Halo. Lead designer of Crysis 2 is working on it.

If this is true then it leads us to wonder as to why Microsoft would want another of their Studio to compete with 343 Industries for another space project. What do you think about two successful space franchises on the Xbox 360, Halo being one of them?