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Madden 13 Updated With New Ultimate Team Features

On November 29th, Madden NFL 13 will get its fourth title update. The new update includes new features for Madden Ultimate Team, such as the ability to set multiple lineups and save up to five different lineups. There will also be what is describe as “more nuanced roster management,” where special teams in MUT are sorted by offensive line, defensive secondary, and more specific positions, rather than simply by offense, defense and special teams.

Other features included in the update are the addition of a boost screen, displaying the ratings boosts of your team, quick collections, and the ability to play two minute quarters in MUT.

Speaking with Joystiq, an Electronic Arts representative said the following of the forthcoming update: “What we’re really striving for is aiming these title updates not just at bug fixes, but adding brand-new content so people feel like they’re constantly getting a new game experience.”