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Black Ops 2: Solutions Being Thought Up To Make Hardcore Playlists More Popular

David Vonderhaar, director of game design for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has asked for suggestions on the community’s forums to help them make the Hardcore multiplayer mode more popular amongst players.

As the name suggests, the Hardcore playlists are catered for those wanting an extreme gameplay experience. This often means playing without a UI and map/radar. Other features and options are also limited, and players can be killed easily. Hardcore is all about reflexes and often sees to a very fast paced game.

Hence, very few players opt to play the mode, making matchmaking an issue.

Vonderhaar explained on the forums that they are looking for a solution to increase the Hardcore player base.

This year is no different. We put out the game. We then figure out what is popular amongst the Hardcore (and other variant, but relatively small communities), and we make adjustments that are in the best intrests of the game and the community. This year is no different. Of course we’ll make adjustments. We always do.

Currently, the most popular Hardcore playlist is Team Deathmatch.