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Xbox Community Ambassador Program Adds New Levels and Awards

Xbox’s Community Ambassador program is getting five new levels added to it’s current tier of ten. The new levels introduce more rewards, such as a gold star avatar t-shirt, gamer spotlight, free games, Xbox Live subscriptions, and Microsoft Points.

The program is designed to reward Xbox Live members as they assist each other in the chat and forum community, acting as a reputation system dispensing XP to be redeemed for awards.

Check out the awards broken down by level below:

  • Level 11, gold star avatar t-shirt.
  • Level 12, gold star avatar hat and 10 tickets for periodic ambassador sweepstakes.
  • Level 13, gamer spotlight, ilomilo on Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Level 14, one month Xbox Live subscription and 10 ambassador sweepstakes tickets.
  • Level 15, avatar spacesuit, 800 Microsoft Points.

If you have not signed up for the program already, you can do so through here.