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Far Cry 3 Co-Op Trailer

The latest trailer for Far Cry 3 once again shows off the co-op aspect of the game. You’ll get to play one of four characters, with three of your buddies. There’s Callum, the Scottish thug, Leonard, the crooked cop, Tisha, the ex-soldier and Mikhail, the Russian hitman. Basically, the cast is a set of your prototypical, stereotypical characters that casts a wide enough net to grab just about everyone’s interest in at least one character. I, of course, will be playing Mikhail, as I love talking on skype in a Russian accent, and jump on any occasion to do so.

Far Cry 3’s co-op experience will feature six levels that are all playable in whatever order you so choose. Each level will unfold the story, specific to this band of misfits. Though, I suspect you’ll be too busy talking with friends over whatever voip program you prefer, to even follow said story line.

Far Cry 3 comes out December 4th for PC, 360 and PS3 in North America.