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MLB 13: The Show To Come Out On March 13

For America, the equivalent of FIFA is the MLB series. A video game about America’s favorite past time is bound to get more than a few sales in America. Sony has announced that MLB 13: The Show will be coming exclusively to the PS3 and PS Vita on the 13th of March.

MLB 13: The Sow features an all-new Play-off mode which will recreate the tension and excitement of post season baseball like never before on the platform of video gaming. Furthermore, there are also several other cool new features to be added in this installment of the series. Like a completely new beginner mode or instructional enhancements which make MLB 13: The Show the best video game for baseball noobs.

Keep in mind that the features offered in PS Vita version are exactly like those offered in its PS3 counterpart.
On top of that, you fans will also decide which baseball superstar gets to be on the cover of the game. However, this competition will be held sometime in January.

We shall have more details about the game as they become available.