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Blizzard Don’t Want to Make Diablo 3 Into eSport

The long awaited PVP patch might not be what some fans were hoping for.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO, revealed earlier today in a press conference at the World Championship last weekend that they have no plans to bring the traditional dungeon crawler RPG into the eSport or competitive play market.

“Diablo 3 was never really designed to be an eSport, and not every game necessarily needs to be an eSport,”

Morhaime went on to contrast Diablo 3 to StarCraft 2 and how the development of that was influenced by it’s predecessor and the deep roots that has in the eSport industry. StarCraft 2 had always had competitive play in mind when it was built, but Diablo 3 had not. He also cited their MMO juggernaut, World of Warcraft, stating that whilst that didn’t have competitive play in mind, it had adopted a different structure and naturally wound up there.

Many fans just want to know when PVP is going to be added. The 1.1 patch added PVP as a function, but the button that allows you to access it is greyed out for everyone everywhere, disallowing it for everybody. Blizzard are yet to announce a launch date for when PVP will finally grace the Diablo 3 servers, even if it is for non-competitive purposes.