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There Is No Multiplayer For BioShock Infinite

Do games which are heavily dependent on single player story modes really need to have a multiplayer mode? Is multiplayer a necessity in modern-day video games? These questions have been hot topics of debate in the past few years for gamers all over the world.

Bethesda who developed Skyrim chose to forgo multiplayer in favor of focusing more on the single player experience. In return, Skyrim was a resounding success as single player RPG. It seems like that Irrational Games is going to follow Bethesda leads and omit multiplayer from BioShock Infinite. This was revealed by a series of tweets from Ken Levine when he answered a question regarding multiplayer from a fan.
Here are the tweets:

RT @tha_don_101: @IGLevine can you clear up whether or not Bioshock Infinite will have multiplayer modes? —Nope.
RT @wolverine11111: @IGLevine Does that mean nope it won’t or nope you can’t clear that issue up? –No multi.

So how you feel about this? Especially considering the last outing BioShock 2 had with the multiplayer this probably is the correct decision. Sound off in the comments section below.