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Microsoft To Enter the Smart Glasses Market

Microsoft jumps on the augmented reality glasses bandwagon with its own research in smart glasses. Microsoft applied for a patent for the technology back in 2011 and it is now public.

Microsoft’s product could give a serious challenge to Google’s Project Glass, while smaller companies like Vuzix, TTP and Explore Engage are working on their own products. A report by Juniper Research suggests that the business could be worth $1.5 billion and continue to multiply over years.

Microsoft explains the technology in detail in the filed patent. An excerpt:

“(it will be) capable of generating display elements on various portions of a user’s display while remaining portions of the head mounted display are transparent to allow the user to continue to view events or occurrences within the live event during the course of the event duration. Other alternatives allow the display to become complete opaque, in order for the display to provide, for example, a display of a video such as an instant replay of the live event.”

Source: BBC News