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FarCry 3 Map Editor Trailer – The Freedom Is Yours

I think it’s a great idea when developers give players the ability to modify their game in some capacity. It breeds creativity, while breathing new life into a game. Just take a look at the Elder Scrolls series, to see how long a game can last you, by giving players the ability to mod it.

That’s why I’m all for FarCry 3 giving us a map editor. My only problem is, based on the trailer, is it enough? I know, I know, I ask too much. It’s just that, whenever I hear map editor, I can’t help but think of Warcraft 3 and how it gave birth to DotA and the Moba genre.

With so little information about the map editor available, it’s hard to say if FarCry 3 even has the ability to bring about the next Counter Strike or Team Fortress. So, for now, let’s just hope that it adds a few more hours of gameplay in the years to come.