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ZombiU Multiplayer Maps Guide – Tips and Strategies

ZombiU multiplayer is a battle between Survivor and King Boris, the self-proclaimed King of Zombies.

King Boris uses the Gamepad to spawn zombies at different locations throughout the map using the limited supply of points while survivor tries to survive the incoming zombie onslaught using his survival abilities and shooting skills with the pro controller.

It’s an interesting concept and if you have enjoyed it, make it a little more competitive by following our tips and strategies for these maps for both survivor and king of zombies.

ZombiU Multiplayer Map – Rooftops

Like the name suggests, a number of rooftops intertwine to bring forth a subtle killing zone with a great view.

Key Locations

1# Chimney Stack Corner
The corrugated metal shed is a neat place for Boris to hide zombies behind. Apart from that this also makes quite a good spot for survivors to hold their ground because of the limited bridge exits.

Only problem with this location is that it’s brightly lit. You can always keep an eye out and catch anyone who goes into the light.

2# Barrel of Laughs
A most dangerous location and it’s not recommended that anyone should hold their last stand here. The area is connected with bridges from all three sides so basically you can’t back up to a wall and hold out an area. Neglecting one exit might mean a flank and certain death.

3# Air-Con Corner
This provides a good vantage point for players. The bridge to Area 6 is raised and you can use the elevation to your advantage. The other two bridges offer great views of Area 2 below. Additionally the Union Jack flag and air-conditioning units on the ground act as obstacles and prevent zombies from reaching you.

4# Tiny Chimney Corner
All depends on the survivor as to how he manages this area. While it’s an ideal spot to hold on to, it can also quickly become pretty hard to defend.

There are only two exists and if Boris finds an opportunity to spawn zombies at both ends, then the player is screwed. The spot also provides great views to Area 1 and 5.

5# Barbwire Barrels
This is the largest area in the map and hence very difficult to defend. There are a total of three entry points for Zombies, players should place down a mine or turret to guard this entry points.

6# Metal Walkway Corner
There are a total of two entrances, both which give you a nice vantage point and the option to lob projectiles to the area beneath. The fairy lights along the wall also make for good obstacles. Players can use them to dodge enemies or fire over.

Tactics – Survivor
Getting acquainted with the map itself is very important. Remember the graffiti on the signs and walls for they tell you of what’s ahead. A sign with an arrow or a monster head on it will tell you what to expect in the next area.

Projectiles is pretty nifty in this map because of the open location. Narrow bridges give you a good opportunity to lay down traps or holding out a corner.

Best way to play this map is to move around in circles. Take hold of an area, let’s say area 1# or 3# and start blasting away. When you feel like the pressure is mounting then quickly move forward and relocate.

Tactics – King of Zombies
It will benefit you to use your zombies to push the survivors into a corner or an area with a bad view of the environment. Additionally surprise them by spawning your minions behind chimneys or the corrugated shed in area #1. These hiding places are great for ambushing unsuspecting survivors.

Finally the key to winning this map is to block the bridges. Foil their plans of escape, corner them, take their vision away and then pounce on them.

ZombiU Multiplayer Map – Stadium

With plenty of open space and tons of exit points, the Stadium will be the host to an unpleasant killing match.

Key Locations
1# Military Surplus Corner
You’ll find three large obstacles here which can be very useful for dodging Zombies or funneling them into a trap. Also you’ll find plenty of escape routes around ranging from large ramps and passageways.

2# Cop Car Row
This area is primarily useful for one thing alone and that is a solid line of sight. While there are many ways for a survivor to rush up the metal ramps and avoid pursuing death, the long line of sight helps to spot incoming zombies or to lob projectiles at them.

3# Cop Car Park
You’ll find two police vehicles and a couple of buses parked here which like before can be used to dodge or herd the enemies. There are also two entrances beside the buses, one of which requires you to slide under.

4# Taxicab Alley
The ground entrances found here are pretty narrow, making them perfect spawning spots for zombies. As a survivor you’ll have to be careful around them.

One other thing to note is that the container alleys to the parked taxi are very difficult areas to fight through. These are also the perfect spot for Boris to spawn his minions and escape your escape route.

5# Cop Car Thoroughfare
Two chain-link fences can act as great barriers between you and the zombies. Go behind and start firing, however note that there’s not much room to move inside. If you get over-run then you’re dead. Rattle a few foes and rack up some kills but then keep moving.

6# Cop Car Parking
This area resides on the upper section of the stadium. There is a whole section of barricade that you can use or slide under.

Adjacent to that is an often overlooked sniper nest—an upper container with a narrow ramp, this can be difficult to navigate but is a possible place to hole up and shoot from. Around you there are around 6-7 exits; so moving around shouldn’t be a problem.

Tactics – Survivor
To start off keep away from Area #5. It’s a very narrow place and you can get caught easily. Instead try to claim flags along areas #2 and #3. There are a lot of exits here and the wide space grants you the freedom to move. Establish a good circuit and keep your foes thinking.

Finally the central container area in area #6 is of vital importance. It has many escape routes and plenty of points where you can make a stand-off.

Slide under the barricade at one end and head to the sniper area. This will make your foes thinking twice about chasing you.

Tactics – King of Zombies
Your best bet is force the survivors to move into the narrow lanes and then trap them there. To increase chances of victory it’s best to memorize yourself with each entry/exit point. Judge wisely as to where your foe will head to next. Trap him then by spawning Zombies and sandwiching him between.

As for ambushing locations to spawn zombies at, try behind the bulky protruding wreckage and on the parallel path near the bus.

If the survivor is in open ground then do not spawn enemies near him. Instead drop your minions far enough so that it takes multiple shots to teach each one down. While this is happening spawn a horde in front of a nearby exit point.

ZombiU Multiplayer Map – Metro

With plenty of open spaces this map might prove to be a favorite of the survivors. However, Boris still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Key Locations
1# Tube Train
The area boasts extremely narrow passages and is basically a friendly spawning ground for Boris. I wouldn’t recommend you to visit this area often.

There are plenty of opportunities here for Boris to lay down traps or block a survivor in on either the tube train’s exits or the narrow platform lip on the opposite side to Area 2.

2# Tube Platform
In contrast to the first area, this one actually gives you a lot of open space. You’ll find plenty of barricades and pillars here which can be used by both parties. Survivors can use them to dodge or herd their pursuers and Boris can spawn Zombies behind each obstacles to ambush or surprise unsuspecting survivors.

3# Upper Mezzanine
In addition to the open space, there are five exits to choose from. This area is a good place for a survivor to hold up. There is also a long barricade to dodge around, seats to fire over, and many places to set traps.

4# Connecting Stairs
The area acts as a hub which connects areas 3, 5 and 6. You can use the stairs on either side, jump down through the break in the wall and more.

5# Lower Mezzanine
Another area with wide open space, though smaller in scale to the last area. You’ll find a chain-link fence here, along with four exits. Boris might find this area hard to compete with but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park for a survivor.

6# Back Balcony
A survivor can place down a mine here to try to catch a swarm of undead. It’s also a place a Survivor can be overrun pretty quickly, so it’s not a place to make a last stand.

Dash here when numerous foes are following you elsewhere on this map. Boris can easily spawn zombies at the two exits, which can be a problem for Survivors.

Tactics – Survivor
The best place to be is the Upper Mezzanine in this map. Try the corner near the large stairs, then move to the other end, into the covered ticketing area past the flag zone. With swift looking left and right, you’ll be able to react to any incoming foe.

Vary your routes between the Upper and Lower mezzanine, and don’t stay in these large areas exclusively. If you’re getting over run then dash to the platform or balcony to narrow the openings your enemy can attack you from.

Tactics – King of Zombies
If the survivors are opting to stay in a wider area than position your minions at opposing sides. This way they will have to focus on one direction while aiming, giving your minions on the other end to close in for the kill.

The map offers many wide areas so your plan should be to slowly but surely close in. A frontal assault from the start will not work in your favor.

Stairwells are great places to freak out a Survivor! When your enemy finally tries to make a break for it, place foes at the top and bottom, forcing the Survivor to fight through them and sustain damage.

Your enemies will tend to head on to the balcony area. To catch them you can either drop in a minion to get your enemy to move, and then spawn multiple foes to trap them on the stairs to Area #5 or the entrance to Area #3.

ZombiU Multiplayer Map – Bunker

These bunkers are the property of King Boris. Long may he reign!

Key Locations

1# Central Courtyard
Consider this the central hub of the map, as all paths converge onto this area via the surrounding balcony. That said, this area also acts as the holding grounds for the survivor. Against Boris and his minions this area provides a large space to run wild.

Some pillars and railings here can also be used as cover or obstacles. Use them to funnel in the Zombies and take them out in numbers.

However, note that you should not spend enough time on the balcony as it can easily be over run because of the narrow area.

2# Garage Storage
The large L-shaped corridor here connects area #4. The corridor is extremely long and has plenty of crates that can be used at will. Place mines around it and see the Zombies step on them as they try to avoid the crates. However, that said this place also can corner you in and bring about certain death.

The garage storage room itself is wide enough and offers metal shelving that can act as cover. Don’t focus ahead too much though as you can easily be flanked.

3# Formal Chambers
The L-shaped corridor offers good fast access to area 4, while the snaking corridor gets you quickly into area #2. Consider them as quick escape routes and don’t linger in there to fight. These chambers can get crowded easily. If you must make a stand-off then use the upturned furniture at your disposal.

The library here is a good place to be. It provides a good view of all three exits and a small assortment of tables and barricades to offer protection. The red room with the piano features four exits which makes the Survivor’s job easy. Just run and gun!

4# Laboratory and Storage
In contrast to the previous areas, this one features a U-shaped corridor and two small storage rooms connecting to the lab and corridor. The area at first might prove to be confusing to navigate, however with enough runs, you’ll get the hang of it.

That said experienced players can use this area to their advantage. Dash to and fro to dodge your enemies. Boris will have his hands full in trying to pin you down since these locations are open spaces. In the event that you do get trapped, not to worry since there are plenty of exit points.

Tactics – Survivor
Make use of the courtyard and rack up kills. You will bag a few if you play it out right. When you think Boris is starting to lose it, get on the move and step into the other adjoining rooms.

You can also try to fake entrances, that way Boris might send his minions into one room while you’re going through Zombies in another room.

In this map it’s easy for a Survivor to stay ahead of Boris. Stay on the move, find a good vantage spot, kill a swarm and move forward. With all the connecting rooms and wide spaces, you can easily avoid his traps.

Tactics – King of Zombies
This map is demanding for Boris. Your best bet is to outwit the Survivor. When he’s entering in a room, quickly spawn a couple of zombies in front to catch his attention. At the same time drop in a couple more behind him. This way you can catch him by surprise.

Positioning matters here. Sometimes you can even bait the survivor into corners. Have some of your minions cover the open spaces with others standing guard at nearby entrances.

The survivor might get greedy enough to take out the 2 zombies in the open but will then find his exits blocked. Take this time to surround him hard.

ZombiU Multiplayer Map – Brick Lane

The map is infested with trash and that does not include the swarms of the undead.

Key Locations

1# Basketball Court
A side road connects the area but a survivor rarely uses it. The court itself is a great place to kill and run about. If the need be then you can always use the side road to escape to areas #3 and #4.

There are many obstacles to be used here: the police van, army troop carrier, containers, fire fencing near the van, etc. Use all of them at your will.

2# The Knacker’s Yard
The Dumpster and tire stack allow for great cover in the yard. You can also use the alleyway to dash into areas #1 and #3. A ramp leading to an upper lookout area is a good way to avoid zombies. However, it’s not recommend for a permanent stay as it can easily be surrounded. Know that Zombies can still climb.

3# Main Road
The main road connects all the other areas and offers a great line of sight. It’s an ideal location to throw off some projectiles as well.

Survivability here is very high. You have plenty of areas to dash for cover and if the need be then you can run into any of the exit points leading you to the other areas.

Use the taxi and other parked vehicles along this open expanse to strafe around, keeping foes at bay. The sidewalk is another area to inspect, as you can quickly vault over the railings, moving out of reach in a pinch.

Usually though, lead your zombie foes into the street, and pick them off in less frantic circumstances; there’s always an escape route to take.

4# Alleys and Interiors
The cellar storage room here is the one to talk about. It offers a good spot to hold up and trash some zombies. The pillars and shelving allow you to take cover, reload, restock, or heal and fight to survive.

Tactics – Survivor
Head on over to the Main Road as soon as you can. Head over to a Zombie, blast his head off and move on to the other. Don’t stop or the ones spawning behind will catch up to you.

Once you’re done with the Main Road, head on to the Basketball Court. The large area here will allow you to sit in a corner and fire away at everything dead.

Once you’ve had enough move again. I would recommend heading for the yard next. There are plenty of spaces here to dart behind and take cover. The ramped platform is more of an escape route than a sniping nest.

If you’re heading to the cellar storage area then be sure you have max ammo for both weapons. This area can be a death trap if you run out of ammo.

Tactics – King of Zombies
Boris has his work cut out in this map. So many entry/exit points and large open spaces make his job a bit harder. One advantage you’ll have is that spotting survivors will be ever easy. The wide space will see to that.

Once more Boris will have to outwit his foes. Spawn lesser minions in front of an entry point right in front of the survivor himself. Most of the times he will easily trash the zombies and then quickly head into the now-unguarded passageway.

This will prove useful because Boris will have other minions spawned on the other side lying in wait. An explosive zombie will do the job nicely here.

Surprise them by placing your high tier minions in blind corners such as the alley of Area 4, or the brick wall near the bus.