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Far Cry 3: Level Editor Details Revealed – Tunneling Tool, Hundreads Of Terrain Types & More

Remember the level editor that was released with Far Cry 2? Well Far Cry 3 will be shipped with one as well but it’s going to be more user-friendly and have even more editing features.

The news comes from ‘Fallen Champ, a map creator for Far Cry 2, who got an early look at the new level editor when he visited Ubisoft Massive Studio in Sweden this month. The mapper then went on to post plenty of details of his experience on the Ubisoft forums.

The new level editor will allow you many themes to choose from. Each theme will come with its own set of assets and terrains. Some of the mentioned ones are Town, Temple, Airport, Village, Mines, Radio Tower and World War 2. Additionally there will be many types of water and waterfalls.

A tunneling tool will allow you to dig yourself in mountains or the plain ground, creating caves and hidden passageways. AI-driven NPCs can also be placed into a map to test out combat.

Far Cry 3 will release on November 30 in UK and December 4 in North America. The game has gotten fantastic reviews so far.