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Halo 4: New Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Developer 343 Industries have confirmed their plans to add new multiplayer modes to Halo 4 next week.

Amongst the new additions will be Free-For-All Throwbacks to the Halo 4 playlists, which will contain lone-wolf-only variants of oddball and King of the Hill.

These modes are designed for those who are looking for a greater challenge in free-for-all mode. The game types will go live from Monday.

The playlist will include maps Haven, Abandon, Adrift, Complex and Solace. Both Oddball and King of the Hill matches last 12 minutes apiece and require 100 and 50 points to win respectively.

Jessica Shea from Halo Waypoint commented on the new modes:

If you’ve been dominating these modes with teammates, see how the game changes when it’s every Spartan for themselves.