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Borderlands 2 Obsessed Achievement Guide – How To Collect 10 Pictures of Mad Moxxi

Achievements are good, and pictures of Borderlands 2’s sexy Mad Moxxi are even better, so you knew it was only a matter of time before Gearbox had the obvious light bulb moment and combined the two.

In the latest major DLC for Borderlands 2; ‘Campaign of Carnage’ the achievement ‘Obsessed’ requires you to collect ten pictures of Mad Moxxi, the sexy barmaid from Sanctuary.

This seems like a fairly simple task, but the problem is that the pictures are only dropped by the strongest mobs in the game, at random.

This obviously makes collecting the snapshots extremely difficult and time consuming, but fortunately, there is a small exploit you can use to get the pictures a bit more easily.

Go to Pyro Pete’s bar and begin Bar Brawl tier 3, complete this repeatedly for pics. Alternatively, you can just start shooting random people in the bar to cause bad asses to spawn and attack you. Clear out the enemies, step outside and save/reload to reset the mobs then repeat.

A few words of warning, there seem to be two major bugs that you should be aware of; firstly, people have reported needing as many as 15 pics before the achievement unlocks instead of the listed 10.

Secondly, beware of the rat thieves that spawn here, as they will steal a great amount of cash from you. Normally, you can recover the money when you kill them, but another bug makes it so that the money they drop simply falls through the floor, unrecoverable.