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Black Ops 2 Player Sets Guinness Record Of Longest Gaming Session

Most gamers around the world at one time or the other have put marathon session of gaming above everything else in their lives. For ‘ordinary’ persons these marathon gaming sessions may seem like an obsession however, most gamers recognize this phase as a normal part of their lives.

Personally, my last such marathon gaming session was when I played Skyrim, like most of you, I’m guessing. During that time, I put everything else on hold to set off adventuring in frozen lands of Skyrim. However, Okan Kaya of Australia has taken this to an altogether different level. Last week, Mr.Kaya set the Guinness world record of the longest marathon gaming session.

We are talking about long here people, like long, like 135 hours straight long! Yes, you read the correctly people; Mr.Kaya played the recently released Black Ops 2 continuously for 135 hours. This record span over seven days and Mr.Kaya slept for only nine hours during this time.

The previous record was by a Canadian gaming pair playing Resistance. Mr.Kaya safely smashed that record of 120 hours by adding 15 more hours to his tally.