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Battlefield 3 Premium November Content Revealed

If you’re one of the more than 2 million Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers, then you should pay attention, as DICE has finally revealed what content they’re releasing for November.

Obviously, the big prize is the new expansion, Aftermath, being released for PS3 on the 27th (with PC and 360 hitting the first week of December). To keep us poor PC and 360 owners happy, a batch of Platoon emblems and soldier profile images will also be released across all platforms. For those of you who enjoy building petty platoon emblems; you’ll be able to enjoy premium-specific decals. Additionally, you can choose from 8 new soldier images via the Battlelog. There will also be Aftermath-related wallpapers in the “Bonus Section” on the Battlelog.

Console owners will get bonus Aftermath related themes that they can use.