ZombiU Multiplayer Rewards Guide – King Boris and Survivor

Whether you are playing as human or a part of the zombie army, taking out opponents will net your rewards in different forms. As you pile up the kills, not only your weapons’ proficiency will be increased, but you can also some upgrades, which can prove handy in the fights.

Let’s begin with the rewards that can be earned by the King of the Undead:

ZombiU King Boris Rewards

Resource Boost (Permanent)
The upgrade will increase the rate of resource regeneration by 8%. The upgrade is beneficial in spawning more zombies in lesser time as they require resources.

Damage Upgrade (Permanent)
The damage deal is increased by 50%. If you find the humans overpowered, this upgrade is a great encounter. The spitters specially do more damage at range and can cause a lot of problems for the opposition.

Capacity Upgrade (Permanent)
The maximum unit capacity is increased by 2%. You can use it when you are running out of specific type zombies on the map. The zombie type which proves more damaging against the human forces obviously needs to be spawned more.

Resource Limit Upgrade (Permanent)
The resource storage capacity is increased by 10. By default, you can spawn zombies equivalent to worth of 20 points. With this upgrade, the limit will be stretched, and you will have more options at your disposal.

It can be tactically beneficial in the modes where time is not an important factor. You can wait for the reward to unlock, and then you can spawn a large number of relatively stronger zombies who can turn the map in your favor.

Lockdown (Effect Activated)
As assault only, no flags will be captured by either side when it’s activated. It’s a great upgrade in the situation when you are lagging behind by a greater number. You can cease the capture flag process and build up an enemy in the meanwhile.

Wipe Out Defense (Effect Activated)
When the reward is activated, all the turrets and mines of the survivors explode. Removing turrets can be a great advantage for your men as survivors tend to use them as covering fire. And when all the turrets is gone, your chances of winning will automatically be improved.

ZombiU Survivor Rewards

As a part of survivors’ team, you can pick up rewards from the gift boxes. So head over to these boxes whenever you get the chance.

Double Damage
It will increase the power of all your weapons temporarily. The best time to use it is when you are surrounded by a mob of zombies ready to eat you up.

For a particular time, the zombie king won’t be able to rack up the resources. This way, there will be lesser zombie spawns, and you will have more chances to capture the flags.

You will be able to regenerate health. Don’t rush it and use it only when you are near death.

To stop the zombies from entering the flanking areas or the ones where your team can be more vulnerable, you can places some mines there. Whenever a zombie comes in contact, it will explode doing heavy damage. Be warned as these mines will also explode if you or your team walks over them.

Virucide Syringe
It can be used when you are grabbed by the zombies. It will help you survive, and your dwindling life can be saved.