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Wii U Upscales Wii Games To HD

Nintendo’s new console just might make your Wii games ‘prettier’. Reports are coming in that the Wii U is able to play your original Wii games in HD resolution.

The report initially came from a NeoGAF user who posted that while the Wii games aren’t necessarily in 1080p, the games seem more sharper and cleaner when played on the Wii U.

I’ve tested Xenoblade and RE4, both were in 1080p.

I was using HDMI of course.

It’s not native 1080p of course but it is displayed in 1080p. The difference is noticable to me.

Shortly afterwards many other owners starting trying out their Wii games and all reported that the upscaling actually helped making the games prettier on the Wii U.

This new revelation is in contrast to what Nintendo said in June. Mark Franklin, PR head of Nintendo stated that Wii games will play exactly the same on the Wii U.

The video below will shows you that’s wrong.