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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide – How To Play

The All-Stars Battle Royale takes inspiration from a large variety of fighting games, and adds some spice to pit the most well known PlayStation characters in history. However, the game varies vastly in combat mechanics from the ones that come in the same category.

Here’s a guide to get you aware of the combat system of the game, along with terminologies and basics.

Playstation All-Stars Basics

In PASB, there is no indicated Health Bar for your character. Instead, a player relies on the Super Meter to finish off opponents.

You must fill up your Super Meter, which is directly dependent on the amount of AP you have acquired. Filling the meter will allow you to execute one of three levels of ‘supers’. Supers are one-hit insta-kill moves that are unblockable, and are the only way to kill.

Their power relies on how many players they can take out, and the AP is the resource used to fill up the meter.

Supers are discussed further in detail later on, but it was important to understand the basic method with which you finish off enemies.


Regular Attacks:
Performed with Square, Triange, and Circle

They can be combined with the directional controls to create different attacks.

L1 (Sly Cooper turns invisible with L1)

L1 + Left Analog Stick

Pick Up/Drop Item:

Performed with X



Right Analog Stick

Infinite Avoidance System
An important combat mechanic to know about in PlayStation All Stars is the Infinite Avoidance System.

Playstation All-Stars features extremely powerful characters from the world of PlayStation (like the god slaying Kratos, the uncatchable Sly Cooper, the impossible-to-kill Heihachi Mishima, and many more), and the team has attempted to make the character as close as possible to their original selves, gameplay balance issues arose because of which the inclusion of a fair-play mechanic was necessary.

To balance the combat mechanics, the team decided to implement a mechanic that would limit the combo system of the game. Many of the attacks get enemies stunned or have an air-reaction, and as long as the victim is in the reaction, a player can build up a combo and constantly hit him/her.

In order to prevent this combo trap to progress on indefinitely, an AP threshold is created that limits the amount of AP a player would gain by hitting the victim stuck in the combo trap.

After a certain amount of AP gain, the victim is ‘ejected’ out of the trap, and becomes invincible until he/she decides to attack or hits the floor. This also holds true for the Supers. This is called the Infinite Avoidance System.

It is important to take note of this system in order to time your Supers correctly or on the other hand try to avoid Supers when stuck in a combo trap.

Regular Attacks
Regular Attacks are defined by their buttons and the direction of movement of your character. Unlike most other fighting games, the goal of Regular Attacks is not to damage the enemy. Instead, the main two purposes of Regular Attacks are:

  • To harass enemies and put them on the back foot
  • To build up your Super Meter by acquiring AP

Of course, the latter is more important, since Supers are the only way you can actually finish off an enemy.

Regular Attacks can be countered by Blocking, which will prevent the attacker from getting sufficient AP to execute a Super.

Supers or Super Attacks are ultimate moves for each character, and are the only way to finish off an enemy.

They are available once the Super Meter is filled to certain amounts.

There are three levels of Supers for every character.

Level 1 Attacks:
Level 1 Attacks are fairly strong and are capable of knocking out one or more fighters. However, their duration is short, and they are unstable.

Level 2 Attacks:
These attacks are more powerful than the Level 1 type, and are capable of taking out multiple fighters. Additionally, they last longer and require less control.

Level 3 Attacks:
Level 3 Supers are the most powerful and generally have the capability to take out all the characters on the screen.